Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebrated worldwide

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is annually celebrated on May 8. On this day, the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Swiss humanist, public figure, laureate of the first Nobel Peace Prize, Henri Dunant, was born.

In 1859, he organized aid to the wounded in Solferino during the Austro-Italian War, one of the bloodiest battles of the nineteenth century. Most of all, he was amazed that no one was helping the wounded, who prayed for compassion, for a sip of water. Dunant appealed to residents of nearby villages with an appeal to help the unfortunate, regardless of what nationality they are, what army they fought in, what language they speak. The call “All men are brothers” was heard.

Dunant presented his impressions of the consequences of the battle in the book “Memories of the Battle of Solferino”, copies of which he sent to the leaders of European states, politicians, military leaders, and his friends. The success was instantaneous and exceeded all expectations. The author advocated the creation of volunteer societies for the wounded in European countries, and the need to adopt an international agreement that would guarantee recognition and respect for these volunteers.

In February 1863, a special commission was formed from five activists – residents of Geneva (Switzerland), among whom was Henri Dunant, later renamed the International Committee for Assistance to the Wounded (later transformed into the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC).

A red cross on a white background (the reverse of the colors of the Swiss flag) was adopted as the emblem – a single distinctive sign that would mean the legal protection of the medical services of the armed forces, volunteers assisting the wounded and victims of armed conflicts.



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