A literary evening dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Gylych Kuliyev

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the national writer, historian and scientist Gylych Kuliyev, the owner of the Magtymguly State Prize. In this regard, “Diller dünýäsi” ​​language center held an event dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Gylych Kuliyev.

The literary evening was held with the aim of generating more interest in the life of the writer and to learn more about his works and works in the world of literature.
The event was organized by the language center “Diller dünýäsi” and the library “Täze älem”.

Speakers at the event:
Merdan Atayev, the editor-in-chief of the news portal In Ashgabat, Rahymberdy Kerimov, the active member of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (PIET), Akmuhammet Babekov, the student of the Turkmen State University named after Magtymguly and others spoke and shared interesting information about the writer.

When introducing the famous Turkmen writer Gylych Kuliyev Mammadovich, these wonderful words are recalled: “It is important that a man of literature has an extraordinary biography combined with hard-work and natural talent” The writer, went through a great school of life before reaching his level.

Gylych Kuliyev was born on April 14, 1913 in the village of the First (old) Geokje, Mary velayat, in a farmer’s family. He received his secondary education in a Soviet school. His father’s name is known as Gulburun aga.

During his lifetime, he also worked in diplomatic affairs abroad:
Vice Council of the former USSR in Gurgen;
Advisor to the USSR Embassy in Afghanistan;
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Tunisia. In addition to such responsible work, the writer was also engaged in literature.

Works by Gylych Kuliyev
In his speech, Akmuhammet Babekov spoke about the writer’s works:
“The writer’s first work was published in 1955 under the title “On the Other Side of Kopetdag”. In 1964, the novel “Hard Days” was published, and later this novel was released under the name “Magtymguly”. In addition, the novels “Guljemal Khan”, “Belated Repentance”, “Black Caravan”, “Ambassador of Emir”, “Rebellious Algerian” were also published.” He also noted that the writer is the author of the works “Enäniň gazaby” (“Mother’s Wrath”), “Nirdesiň bagtym?” (“Where are you, my happiness?”), drama works “Afrikalynyň kasamy” (“Oath of an African”), comedies “Wah siz erkekler!” (“Oh, you, men!”), “Ýedi erkek bir zenan” (“Seven men one woman”).

As a result, the name of Gylych Kuliyev established its place in Turkmen literature. Today, the total circulation of the published books exceeds 3 million copies.

This year, writer Gylych Kuliyev, whose life is connected with literature, turns 110 years. For his merits in the world of literature, he was awarded the title of the national writer of Turkmenistan. He is also a owner of the Magtymguly State Prize.

Turkmen national writer Gylych Kuliyev died on September 12, 1990 (12.09.1990).

student at Magtymguly
Turkmen State University


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