100 years since the establishment of first art school in Turkmenistan

It is 100 years since the opening “The School of Zarpchy of Oriental Art”, the first art school established in the region of today’s Turkmenistan.

This school was opened on September 16, 1920. It was built in Ashgabat with the efforts of artists Ilya (Ruvim) Mazel and Alexandr Vladichuk who were in Ashgabat for the task of doing some artwork. 

This school united workers, young artists who had a natural talent. The education system, publishing, and artwork was something new for the people in the region. Ilya (Ruvim) Mazel (1890-1967) and Alexandr Pavlovich Vladichuk (1894-1956) taught special lessons and took care of gifted children.

Among the first graduates, we can list the names of Bashim Nurali, Olga Mizgirova, Sergey Beglyarov, Nikolo Kostenko who later prospered the fine arts of the country. They were the pioneers of art education in Turkmenistan.

The School of Zarpchy of Oriental Art is the nestle of today’s achievements in fine arts.

Ogulabat Mukhatova,
art critic


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