“Mahmal” tomatoes in the focus of agricultural press

Articles about “Mahmal”, a Turkmen agricultural brand, published by international agricultural information portals. East Fruit and Horti Daily highlights the quality and reliability of tomatoes produced by Yigit ES greenhouse complexes.

East Fruit website noted about the economic society Yigit, was the first in Turkmenistan to receive the Global G.A.P international certificate.

Horti Daily website noted that the Cultivation company Yigit company is part of and large conglomerate, which is quite remarkable. The group also includes a tire company, a porcelain factory, and an arable farm of a few thousand acres.

Yigit is one of the largest tomato producers in our country. The company employs more than 600 people who demonstrate a high level of professionalism every day. In the foreign market, the company is known for products under the Mahmal Agroproduct brand.

And also the independent certification organization Control Union Certifications also highly appreciated all aspects of the production process at the enterprise: from selection of seeds to packaging and storage of finished products.

As we know, Economic Society Yigit was the first in Turkmenistan to receive the Global G.A.P. international certificate, which confirms that the company’s products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental parameters.

Global G.A.P. Having a certificate of conformity provides several advantages for the company to develop its business. Among them is the expansion of opportunities for export and the increase of competitiveness in the domestic market.

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