Language is the heart of the culture

When we learn any foreign language, we learn the culture of that country, because Langauge is the heart of any culture and civilization. Therefore, learning the languages of diverse cultures helps us to see the world from distinctive viewpoints, introducing us different worlds, different places, different ideas, but it also opens different sides of ourselves. And all of these were the main accent of the “English-Japanese festival” event held by the students of the Language Learning Department of Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, on the date of 30th January, which was dedicated to the “Year of learning Foreign languages” policy of the university. The main emphasis of the event was to point out the importance of learning foreign languages, and how interesting and delightful it actually is to learn foreign languages, especially two totally distinct languages of two different cultures like English and Japanese.

The students prepared various performances starting from traditional Japanese dance in traditional Japanese clothes and the role play of a Japanese folklore, and going to the modern american dance accompanied with games that engage the audience to break their language barriers. And one of the highlights of the event was a humorous role play scene referencing the funny difficulties we face when we are learning a language that is totally foreign to us and the difficulties a teacher faces while teaching it to the audience of students with diverse opinions. The event was concluded with the Turkmen National dance Kushdepdi, because no matter how different and interesting foreign cultures are for us there is nothing that can replace the melody of our motherland that reigns over our hearts every single time.


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