Central Asian experts discuss issues related to sustainable water and land management

Delegations from Central Asian countries and international experts are meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the Central Asian Climate Change Conference (CACC-2024) to discuss current issues related to sustainable management of water and land resources, energy, food security, and environmental sustainability in the context of climate change.

The conference, titled “Connecting climate goals with action: turning ambition into reality,” has brought together representatives from relevant ministries of Central Asian countries, international organizations, the civil sector, the scientific and academic community, business representatives, and the media. Discussions at the conference cover topics such as progress, problems, and gaps in the implementation of climate obligations by Central Asian countries, achieving carbon neutrality, green transition and security issues, problems, and opportunities for reducing the risk of natural disasters associated with climate change.

The participants are also discussing available platforms and potential for regional coordination and cooperation on climate change adaptation.

compiled by Ogulmaral YALKAPBERDIYEVA,
student of the Institute of International Relations
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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