We believe in you!

The formation of a patriotic, highly educated, erudite, physically and morally healthy, intelligent young generation is one of the strategic tasks for the development of Turkmenistan in the Epoch of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state.

The youth policy pursued by the President of the country is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the formation, development and personal growth of young Turkmen citizens, expanding opportunities for the maximum realization of their intellectual, creative and spiritual potential in the interests of society and the state.

The main directions of the national strategy include provision of legal and social protection of young people, popularization of the spiritual, moral and cultural values inherent in the Turkmen people, principles of a healthy lifestyle, education of patriotism, humanism, civic responsibility, as well as support and encouragement of youth initiatives.

We can clearly see the attention given to the youth in the country in the slogan of the New Year 2023. By tradition, at the end of the year in Turkmenistan, the motto of the New year is chosen.

The motto “Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar” was chosen based on the proposals of citizens and in the process of discussing this topic at meetings of public organizations, work collectives and others.


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