Magtymguly is a pride and glory of the Turkmen literature

A happy future has been envisioned by the poet-thinker for his people, and it has been realized today. Today, Turkmenistan is acknowledged on the world map as a country that enjoys peace and harmony due to its independent neutral nature. The Turkmens, who consider unity to be a great miracle, will always hold Magtymguly in high regard. These wise instructions, these bright ideas of the great poet and his lessons will always be important for strengthening our Motherland’s power and prosperity.” His indelible love for his people led to the poet’s philosophical views on the world, human condition, and existence being revealed as part of his instructions to his fellow citizens regarding the spiritual development of society and individuals. Magtymguly called on his contemporaries and people to understand what is the key to a fair society and a happy life, to look at the root of everything that is happening. He directed people to spiritual perfection, self-knowledge and awareness of themselves as a nation.

Magtymguly is a poet-thinker who, in his literary works, developed philosophical thought, illuminated artistic consciousness and eloquently described worldly life. Subtly combining human philosophical views about the world, humanity, Motherland and love, relying on the most advanced ways of thinking, Magtymguly penetrated deeply into the human soul and remained forever in the people’s memory.

As you know, in 2024, the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great poet and thinker of the East, the founder of Turkmen classical literature Magtymguly Fragi, whose creative heritage, being an invaluable national treasure, has become an integral part of the treasury of world culture, will be solemnly celebrated at the international level.

Centuries have passed, but the works of the outstanding son of our people do not lose their relevance and are known far beyond the borders of the Motherland. For in them, enduring universal human values – love for the Motherland, humanism, peace, a call for creation, friendship and brotherhood – found a vivid expression. Magtymguly’s poems, translated into the languages of different nations, find a response in the hearts of people in all corners of the planet. Monuments have been erected to the great Turkmen classical poet in Russia, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and other countries.

In the new era of a powerful state under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan is successfully implementing a cultural policy in which the noble endeavors of Hero-Arkadag received a worthy continuation. As a result, the work of the brilliant poet and philosopher is studied comprehensively and deeply, on a scientific basis, both in our country and abroad.

The poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy reverberates now, becoming an expression for the Turkmen people as well as messengers of goodwill that contribute to friendly relations with other people and strengthening international humanitarian relationships.


The 4th year student of the TSPI named after
Seyitnazar Seydi of Romano-germanic
languages and literature faculty of English
language and literature speciality.


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