The parrots wintered in Ashgabat without flying to other countries

As you know, this winter season has been frosty and very cold. However, the number of birds in the capital Ashgabat did not decrease. Along with resident birds, birds flying to warmer countries for wintering also stayed in the capital. Among them are Kramer’s beaded parrots.

Four or five years ago, two of these parrots were captured in one of the rooms of Ashgabat Park and released into the park. Garden officials say their number has now reached 20.

Belonging to the true parrot family, many species of green-winged birds living in Ashgabat live close to people in warm countries, including large cities. They are called Kramer’s Beaded Parrot. The rooster is called beaded because it has a pinkish-red ring around its neck.

Parrots living in Turkmenistan are the Indian species. This beautiful bird can memorize and repeat fifty to sixty words in its brain. Their male and female roosters can live together for up to thirty years. The mostly green, crimson birds prefer mild climates but can also adapt to cooler climates. Birds that feed on grains, seeds, fruits, flowers, and their nest in the hollows of tall trees rarely land on the ground. Not far from the park, one or two birds can be seen flying to their designated feeding spots in the city.

Kadyrmyrat Ovezgylyjov,
the 1st year student of the Faculty of International
Law of the Institute of International Relations
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan


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