Yupekchi at InterFood Azerbaijan

Turkmen company Yupekchi is making a splash at the 29th Azerbaijan International Exhibition InterFood Azerbaijan, held in Baku from May 15th to 17th. Yupekchi holds the distinction of being the first and only company from Turkmenistan to participate in the event.

Their booth showcases their popular juices, carbonated drinks, and iced teas under brands like Bold, Bulvar, 7gen, Real, Buzz, and Pökgi. However, the star of the show is their new fortified soda BOLD “Mango-Coconut,” receiving its international debut at the exhibition.

InterFood Azerbaijan is a major platform for food industry professionals in the Caspian region, attracting thousands of specialists from over 20 countries each year. Yupekchi sees this participation as a prime opportunity to forge new business connections and solidify their position in the Caspian market. The company is confident that their involvement in InterFood Azerbaijan will be a fruitful endeavor, paving the way for future success.


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