Turkmenistan has established the procedures for admitting and discharging children from preschool institutions

Turkmenistan has approved a procedure for admitting and discharging children from preschool institutions, as well as transferring a child from one child care institution to another.

The corresponding document was published in the Legal Information Center of the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan. The document was signed by the country’s Minister of Education, Bayramgul Orazdurdyeva. It defines the composition and responsibilities of the working group for issuing referrals to preschool institutions and the procedure for considering applications from parents or guardians of the child and issuing referrals to preschool institutions.

The order notes that parents have the right to send their children to preschool institutions at their place of residence or closer to their work, regardless of their registration address.

The document also contains a list of documents required to obtain a referral to place a child in a preschool institution.

The text of the document is available at link.


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