The Peacebuilding Conference held at the High School of Diplomacy of Turkmenistan

Recently, in Ashgabat, The conference held titled “Advancing Peace: Building Trust Between Nations,” aimed to strengthen international cooperation for peace. It attracted government officials, diplomats, and experts of the country.

The Institute of International Relations hosted the event, which featured both in-person and virtual participation. High-ranking attendees included Turkmenistan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Rashid Meredov, representatives from the UN, and regional heads of organizations like the OSCE and WTO. UN experts also contributed remotely.

Discussions centered around a recent UN resolution, led by Turkmenistan, designating 2025 as the International Year of Peace and Trust. Participants explored various approaches to fostering trust and peaceful conflict resolution. Experts delved into the role of political measures, humanitarian aid, and diplomatic efforts in achieving peace. The importance of international organizations in supporting these initiatives and sharing successful peacebuilding strategies was also emphasized.

The conference concluded with an appeal to Turkmenistan’s President, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, highlighting the country’s dedication to promoting global peace and security.

Lecturer at the Department of International Law of the Institute
of International Relations of the MFA of Turkmenistan.


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