Turkmen-Qatar relations: in the field of science and education

From February 25 to 28, a group from Turkmenistan visited Qatar for work. The group was led by the Education Minister, Bayramgul Orazdurdiyeva.

The main purpose of the meeting between two countries is to improve their relationship in science and education. This includes making connections between their universities and working together on projects.

Additionally, during the visit, the Rector of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, Jumamyrat Gurbangeldiyev, had a meeting with the head of the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al-Khoury. During the meeting, the leader of the IIR Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan suggested ideas to make the partnership between the two universities stronger. These ideas included working together in the library, sharing academic books, and holding scientific events.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan paid a lot of attention to the new training center called “Diplomatic Protocol” that just opened at the IIR. Qatari experts were asked to give talks and teach online at the training center. It was observed that this international practice would help both countries work and learn together to improve the training of skilled diplomats.

The colleagues from Qatar are interested in carrying out the ideas suggested by the people from Turkmenistan. After the meeting, the groups agreed on the areas they will work together on. The people in the meeting were very sure that it will be an important event for Turkmen-Tatar relationships in science, education, and culture. They also think it will help them work together to train skilled professionals.

The Turkmen group went to see the Turkmenistan exhibit at the EXPO-2023 in Doha, Qatar. The exhibition is about nature and it’s taking place from October 2, 2023 to March 28, 2024.

All the events during the Turkmen delegation’s visit to Qatar helped to set important goals and priorities for their partnership. They also made progress in working together on science and education.

compiled by Zibagozel HALLYYEVA,
student of the institute of International Relations
of the MFA of Turkmenistan.


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