Turkmen student “saved the patient after clinical death”

The website of sb. by, by the publishing house “Belarus Today,” posted an article about a BSMU student from Turkmenistan who saved a patient from clinical death while working at the 4th hospital in Minsk. The student, Aman Alymov, is in his 6th year at the main Belarusian medical university.
Now he works as a nurse at the Minsk clinic at night while also studying. He still has two years left of training in Minsk before he finishes. Aman will become a doctor who specializes in treating arthritis and other joint problems. The publication talks about Aman’s journey to becoming a nurse and what his job is like every day. It mentions a time when he saved a patient after they were declared clinically dead.

I’m happy to read about our young people living in other countries. And I have to say, these things are not rare, but everyone is proud of people from their own country. The only thing I want to fix about what my Belarusian colleagues said is the idea that not many people in Turkmenistan speak Russian. It’s actually the opposite.

Similarly, we will consider the viewpoint from others. For instance, on altapress. ru, Dmitry Yurochkin, the leader of the Altai-Guide Russian travel club, shared his thoughts about his first visit to Turkmenistan.

“I noticed that all the people here speak Russian very well. ” “Yurochkin said the people are very nice and friendly. ” He says that even in the farthest place of the trip, near Afghanistan, people speak Russian well.

Recently, Russian Ambassador to Turkmenistan Ivan Volynkin said at a meeting in Ashgabat: “It’s nice to see that the Russian language is popular and in demand here. “

student of the state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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