Nature Preserving Society of Turkmenistan hosted a regular Reporting and Election meeting

On January 19, 2023, the regular reporting and election meeting of the civil society organization “Nature Preserving Society of Turkmenistan” was held in the conference hall of the “Lachin” Hotel. The agenda of the conference included the following items: amendments to the Charter, the election of the chairman and members of the board, and the audit commission of the Nature Preserving Society of Turkmenistan (NPST). Representatives of State Nature Reserves, the magazine “Edebiyat ve Sungat” (“Literature and Art”), the media, the National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan, the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan, and other civil society organizations attended the conference.

As is customary at previous conferences, reports were heard from the chairman and heads of the velayat subdivisions and enterprises of the NPST on the work done during the reporting period.

  • Currently, the society consists of 9 legal entities: the management office, branches in each velayats (provinces), the “Nature” store, the “Tebigy kuwwat” (“Nature energy”) enterprise, and the “Industry and Horticulture” enterprise. Over the past 5 years, there has been a trend of growth in the number of new members of the society. In 2019, the increase in the number of new members was 36,000 members; in 2020, this indicator increased to 50,000 members, in 2021 to 65,000, in 2022 to 72,000, and in 2023 to 93,000 members. Thus, over 5 years, an increase of 100,000 new members of the society has been achieved, and at present the society has more than 370,000 permanent members in Turkmenistan.

In the past two years, the society has created a studio and a music and creative collective called “Turkmen Sahra”. This decision makes the society more multifunctional, allowing it to produce environmental videos independently for distribution among its members and for broadcast on national television channels. The MCC “Turkmen Sahra” provides musical accompaniment at all events of the NPST, including the last conference during the festive lunch – “sadaka.”

Next, there were speeches by some employees of the NPST and invited partners, who noted the importance and relevance of the activities of the Society in the present century of technological progress. Along with innovative technological solutions, the burden on nature is also increasing, and in this regard, the role of environmental organizations is particularly relevant. The performance of the young employee of the magazine “Edebiyat ve Sungat” (“Literature and Art”) Kerimberdy Hakberdiyev was particularly memorable, who expressed his attitude to nature in poetic form, reading his poem “Men mydam ýaş” (“I am always young”) and the poem of Yazmyrat Chorly “Köçe süpürýan aýala” (“To the woman who cleans the street”).

In the final part of the conference, Batyr Orazmuradov, director of the “Industry and Horticulture” enterprise – chairman of the presidium of the conference, announced all the proposed amendments to the society’s Charter. One of the amendments was to increase the amount of voluntary membership fees from 15 to 20 manats, which, according to S.Allekov, became necessary in connection with the increase salaries for employees of NPST. Within the framework of the agenda of the conference, the question of forming a new list of the board, the audit commission and the chairman of the Nature Preserving Society of Turkmenistan for the next 5 years was considered. The amendments to the Charter and the new list of the audit commission and the board of the society headed by Serdar Allekov until 2029 were unanimously approved by all participants of the conference.

Berkeli Atayev,
Director of PAE “Tebigy kuwwat”


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