A Scientific Conference “Creativity of Abu Said Myane Baba – the Legacy of Millennia”

A meeting about the famous Myane Baba was held in Turkmenistan to share his teachings with people. The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan arranged the event. About this reported by Turkmenistan: Golden age.

The conference started with people from the Ministry of Culture, specialized institutions, media, and smart people from Turkmenistan and Iran at the State Museum of the State Cultural Center. There was a show all about the scientist Myana Baba.

The visitors from other countries really liked the cultural show, which also included a visit to the Nisa historical and cultural reserve.

The big tomb was a huge building. All the experts agree that this old building was constructed almost 1000 years ago. The project to save the Mausoleum of Abu Said Abul Khayr was done quickly and saved the medieval building from being destroyed. The fortification and restoration work not only saved it, but also showed new things about how it was designed inside.

Our country has a long history and modern accomplishments. It is a center for cultural exchange in the region and is working to promote its historical and cultural heritage and art. The current conference is helping more people learn about the teachings of Abu Said Abul Khayr.

compiled by Rashit HYDYROV,
student of the state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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