Energy Investment Forum in Paris

The focus is on Paris because the Turkmen Energy Investment Forum 2024 is happening there on April 24-25, 2024. It’s an important event for attracting foreign investment in Turkmenistan’s energy sector. The news was reported by OGT.

The forum is made to help bring in more money from other countries to invest in Turkmenistan’s energy industry. It will also help the region to talk to each other better and work towards making the energy industry more sustainable.

This important meeting will talk about working together on finding, moving, and refining oil and gas. The event will have big energy companies from different countries and experts who are planning the future of the oil and gas industry in Turkmenistan and the surrounding area.

The International Forum’s program covers many different topics, like the future of energy, development in new energy era, environmental issues in oil and gas, and speeding up energy research and development. These topics are all part of the investment work the Forum does. The forum will be important for planning Turkmenistan’s energy future and working together with other countries to make sustainable and new progress.

compiled by Arslan KADYROV,
student of the Institute of Telecommunications
and Informatics of Turkmenistan.


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