Turkmen-Azerbaijani business forum

On Tuesday, a meeting between business people from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan was held in Ashgabat.

The forum was attended by people from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan governments and many companies in oil and gas, textile, food, agriculture, construction, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and information technology industries.

The second leader of the government of Turkmenistan and the top economic official of Azerbaijan talked at the beginning of the meeting.

Turkmen officials told Azerbaijan about their plans to make their economy stronger and have more businesses run by private companies.

Turkmenistan works hard to encourage people to start their own businesses. They create good laws and rules, provide money and support, and make things better for small and medium businesses to grow and do well.

During the meeting, we discussed how to make better partnerships in important areas, considering new opportunities and our past success working together.

Most people think that the key to making this project successful is to have regular exhibitions where manufacturers from both countries show their products and services. It’s also important to have business forums and meetings together.

The delegations from both countries are ready to work together for a long time. They have some ideas on how to increase their trade and make their economic partnership even better.

You can also read about it in website of MFA of Turkmenistan.

compiled by Yegendurdy DURDYYEV,
student of the state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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