International Exhibition Agro-Pack Turkmenistan-2023

The Agro-Pack Turkmenistan – 2023 exhibition is about new ways to make food. It’s put together by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and a Turkish company called Sofuar.

The President of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, sent warm congratulations to the people participating in the international exhibition of modern food production technologies, Agro-Pack Turkmenistan – 2023, as it began.

The President thinks the International Exhibition Agro-Pack Turkmenistan-2023 is really important. He said the exhibition will show new ways to make food and help more people use them. The event will give people lots of chances to share ideas, learn about new ways to work together, find new business ideas, and talk about exciting plans and projects.

Besides companies from other countries, many companies in Turkmenistan that work in similar industries will also show their services and products at the exhibition. The things on display include things like machines for making food, packages for food, and tools for farming. This includes things like tools for baking, machines for storing grain, and equipment for growing plants. It also includes things for raising animals and growing crops.

The show will be at the Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry until November 30th.

compiled by Shamaral GARAYEVA,
student of the Institute of International Relations
of the MFA of Turkmenistan.


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