Google Developers Group will hold a DevFest conference in Ashgabat

Google Developers Group (GDG) has announced DevFest, an IT technology conference, to be held on December 9th in Ashgabat. Event organizers report that the registration for the conference is open.

The goals of the conference are the consolidation of society on issues of technological development, the exchange of views on current IT areas, experience and knowledge in high-tech areas. In the framework of the event, speakers from the Flatter developer community are scheduled to speak.

Speeches are also expected from practicing developers and specialists in this field, including Turkmen citizens who are trained at large technology companies such as Microsoft. The Turkmen Google Development Expert (GDE) will also speak at the conference.

The event is mainly aimed at students, young professionals and all those who want to become more familiar with the intricacies of the IT industry. More details about the upcoming conference can be found in the letter that will arrive after registration. The upcoming conference is the third in a row, the last time such an event was held at the International University of Humanities and Development. Entry to the event is free.


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