An exemplary lesson of our dear Arkadag is a bright light to our path!

In the Revival new era of the established country, under the leadership of our Arkadagly Serdar, huge social and economic reforms are being carried out in all spheres of society. Great importance is attached to the modernization of the education system at the world level, and the upbringing of a young generation with a broad worldview, both physically and spiritually. The quality of giving education is increasing, the latest achievements of science, innovative teaching methods are widely implemented, and the digital education system is being developed. Modern secondary and higher education schools and kindergartens are constantly being built in all parts of our country.

Our lucky young people, who have a bright future for the country, make a worthy contribution to the further development of our dear Motherland by working honestly, sincerely, and creatively in public administration institutions, science- education, culture, health care systems, and industrial enterprises.

As it is known, in the first days of autumn, on September 1, on the occasion of the Education and Student Youth Day and the beginning of the new academic year, our National Leader, Hero Arkadag, in the Rukhyyet Palace of Arkadag gave lecture with the participation of representatives of public organizations of the country, young professionals, happy students and schoolchildren.In that lecture, our professor Arkadag discussed in detail the activities that are being carried out during the Revival of the new era of an established state in Turkmenistan, the large-scale initiatives aimed at ensuring the well-being of our dear people, as well as the specific tasks facing the youth in the new stage of state development and the main directions in which the efforts will be directed in the near future. In his meeting with the youth, the National Leader emphasized that science and knowledge carry a person in the topside, and advised them to always be thirsty for science and knowledge.

“I love talking to young people. I express the impressions from the interviews and the conditions created for the youth in my works. In my book “Continuation of the meaning of my life”, I also emphasized that our youth should have high interest in science, wisdom, and the noble principles of our glorious ancestors. It is a great honor to serve our Motherland with science. Our future lies with the youth. Our youth should master the modern tendencies and important directions of historical development, state policy, and foundational teachings. It is the duty of each one of us to raise a new generation that meets the demands that changes day by day. The best, most beautiful and highest morals of our nation are concentrated in the blood of Turkmen men and women.It is more beautiful than the gold that man wears for literary adornment. You, like our wise ancestors, should introduce yourself with your good manners and humanity and make Turkmen literature even more beautiful,” mentioned our National Leader, Hero Arkadag, in his historic speech.

These precious words of our dear friend are a bright light for the life path of our youth and fill our hearts with pride. We, too, be loyal to the trust of our National Leader, Hero Arkadag, Arkadagly Serdar, we will study, learn and create with our dedication and talent in growing into highly educated professionals, and we will grow into individuals necessary for our country and our beloved people!

Ovezgeldiyev Dovletgeldi,

The second year student at the Institute of
International Relations of the Ministry of
Foreign Affair of Turkmenistan.


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