Turkmen-Azerbaijani Business Forum

The Turkmen-Azerbaijani business meeting will happen in Ashgabat on November 27-28 this year. The Deputy Prime Minister, Batyr Atdayev, said this during a meeting on Friday. He is in charge of trade, textile industry, and entrepreneurship.

Ashgabat will hold a meeting with Turkmen and Azerbaijani government officials.

Batyr Atdayev said that companies in oil and gas, textile, agriculture, food production, construction, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and information technology will take part in the events.

Batyr Atdayev said that he wants companies in oil and gas, textiles, farming, food, construction, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and technology to take part in the events.

Also, there will be meetings and discussions between Turkmen business people and Azerbaijani companies.

The Deputy Prime Minister gave information about getting ready for the Agro-Pack Türkmenistan – 2023 exhibition. It will happen from November 28 to November 30 this year. President Serdar Berdimuhamedov told the Deputy Prime Minister to make sure that the event is prepared properly and asked for clear instructions on what needs to be done.

The government meeting talked about important things for helping the country grow. The meeting also talked about reviewing different documents and discussing other important issues.

You can also read about it Business Turkmenistan website.

compiled by Yhlas ZAMANOV,
student of the state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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