The third Caspian Economic Forum

The third Caspian Economic Forum will be held in November in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The delegation of Turkmenistan will also participate in it. “IRNA” news agency reported about it.

As stated, the agenda of the third Caspian Economic Forum will include issues related to transport and logistics, oil and gas industry, financial and banking system, technical cooperation and joint production.

Alireza Jahangiri, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran for Caspian Sea issues, called on relevant institutes and financial institutions of the participating countries of the forum to come up with active proposals for planning promising projects in specific areas.

By the way, the first Caspian Economic Forum was held in August 2019 in Turkmenistan, more precisely, in the Avaza National Tourism Zone. The Second Caspian Economic Forum was organized in Moscow in October 2022.

compiled by Aziz SEYITNIYAZOV,
student of the Institute of Engineering and
Transport Communications of Turkmenistan.


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