Begench Moshiyev held a solo concert at the National Conservatory

Music festival “October”, a month of music in the middle of autumn!

In honor of the World Music Day, starting from October 1 until the end of
the month, the October music festival is celebrated as the Month of Music at the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory. Recently, several concerts have been held within the framework of this music festival, and are planned in the future. One of such concerts was a solo concert by a young teacher of the Department of “Variety Art” of our university, the winner of the contest “Türkmeniń Altyn asyry”, and the laureate of several competitions Begench Moshiyev. This concert took place on October 2 in the great hall of the Conservatory. Thus, the audience and listeners, music lovers, teachers and students gathered in the hall.

The concert featured works by a number of Turkmen and foreign
classical composers performed by Begench Moshiyev. Examples include such songs and romances as “Tell me why” by M.I. Glinka, “I would like a Single Word” by P.I. Tchaikovsky, “Aria Cavaradossi” from G. Puccinin’s opera “Tosca”, “The Ballad of the Duke” from the opera “La Traviata” by J. Verdi, from Turkmen classical works “The Song of Garyp” from the operas
“Shakhsenem-Garyp” by A.Shaposhnikov and D.Ovezov, as well as masterfully performed such large-scale works as “Aman’s Song” from the operetta “Guncha” by D.Nuryyev.

He also performed such wonderful songs as “Bilmezmiň”, “Gyz” by the
master teacher N. Halmammedov, “I met a girl” by A. Babayev, “Bagşy
aýdymy” by V. Mukhadov, from foreign works “Non tis corde” by E. Kurtis,
Azerbaijani song by T. Kuliyev “Ýal gyzym”, Russian folk song “Oh, you

In addition to these works, Begench Moshiyev performed one song
especially successfully and masterfully. It was the song “Snow” by the famous modern pop singer F. Kirkorov, which received stormy and warm applause from the audience. And this song ended the concert. After the concert, Begench Moshiyev was congratulated by colleagues and students on a wonderful performance, and presented with gifts and bouquets of flowers.

Several more similar concerts are planned to be held as part of the
festival. At these concerts, teachers will show their talents and abilities, and we invite you to watch the concerts!

Kuvvat Yovbasarov,
4th-year student of Maya Kulieyva
Turkmen National Conservatory,
the winner of Young Scientist Award


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