Talents highlighted on Chatterbox with Breeze

“Chatterbox with Breeze” social event organized weekly in Louisiana Cafè continues discovering new talents among the youth.

Yalkap Ovezov has become one of the brightest guests of this week’s event. He has demonstrated his talent of imitation of celebrities and film dubbings. His short talent show earned loud applauses from the audience.

Yalkap Ovezov, manager in a tour company and part-time  French anchor on national radio channel. He has graduated from French Language and Letter faculty of Azady Institute of World Languages.

Despite unique talent of Yalkap, he couldn’t get the winner’s prize of the week. Yslam, the youngest participant of the week’s gathering has got the most votes from the other fellow participants and got the Grand Prize from “Gujurly” education center — main sponsor of the event this week.

Chatterbox with Breeze is unique event for English speaking community in Ashgabat.

Chatterbox with Breeze is an excellent opportunity for language learners to enhance their communication skills, build confidence, and enjoy a supportive and entertaining atmosphere.

Join Chatterbox with Breeze:
Date: Every Sunday (until further notice);
Time: 15:00;
Venue: Louisiana Cafè;

Entry only with invitation. Sits are limited.

Contact: +99364539583


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