Chatterbox with Breeze gathers English speaking youth in Ashgabat

Chatterboxwithbreeze is an exciting speaking club designed to help individuals improve their English language skills in a fun and engaging environment. Participants gather to practice their speaking abilities, engage in lively conversations, and make new friends. The club offers a unique and interactive approach to language learning, focusing on real-life communication, fostering a sense of community and sense of humour among its members.
Every Chatterboxwithbreeze day, the members select one participant, known as the “chatterbox,” who speaks more than others by voting and declare them the winner. This friendly competition encourages members to actively participate in conversations and improve their speaking skills. Winners receive presents as a token of appreciation for their efforts and as an incentive to continue practicing their English. Chatterboxwithbreeze is an excellent opportunity for language learners to enhance their communication skills, build confidence, and enjoy a supportive and entertaining atmosphere.

Join Chatterbox with Breeze:
Date: Every Sunday (until further notice);
Time: 15:00;
Venue: Louisiana Cafè;
Get your tickets at the entry. Sits are limited.



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