“Avaza – 2023” international dance and folklore festival

On June 13, the “Avaza-2023” international dance and folklore festival was opened in the “Avaza” national tourist zone.

In this international festival, together with the masters of culture and art of the country, folk folklore groups “Jorga” and “Aktau Music” of Kazakhstan, “Ogonki” Russian dance groups named after Harry Polevoy of Russia, “Lola” dance and folklore groups of Tajikistan, and “Transylvania” folklore group of Romania took part in this international festival. , “Rivayat” of the Tatar Republic of the Russian Federation, “Zendegi Mazandaran” dance and music groups of Iran, “Bihu” folklore and dance groups of India, “Parvoz” and “Bogdon” folk song and dance groups of Uzbekistan, culture of China’s Xinjiang province, The dance troupes of the school of arts and tourism put on a spectacular performance.

At this international festival, which will last until June 16, the performances of folk art, folklore-ethnographic groups will be widely distributed every day.

Compiled by Azady TASHLIYEV,
student of the state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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