Children’s Day event

Ashgabat witnessed a special event jointly organized by Kamil Bilim and Zehin Yoly education centers to commemorate Children’s Day in Turkmenistan. The aim was to raise awareness about children’s rights and highlight the unwavering support of the Turkmenistan government for their education and future. The event was open to the public and brought together children from various backgrounds, offering a day filled with excitement and happiness. The children enjoyed captivating performances by entertainers, circus acts, and singers. Generous sponsors, including Ynamdar, Globus, Balgaymak, Kindi, Bold, Yupekci, and Owram, made the event even more memorable by providing gifts for the children. The occasion celebrated the significance of children’s rights, leaving a positive impact and highlighting the commitment of the Turkmenistan government to the well-being of its young citizens and the future of the nation.


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