Iran is interested in import of Turkmen gas

Majid Chegeni, Executive Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Deputy Minister of Iranian Oil and Gas Industry, said that the country is considering the possibility of directly importing natural gas from Turkmenistan, and that negotiations are currently underway between the two neighboring countries. This was announced on Sunday by the Department of Trade, Industry, Mining and Agriculture of Iran.

Majid Chegeni also said that Iran is currently participating in an agreement on gas exchange between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, according to which Iran receives 10 million cubic meters of Turkmen gas daily and sends the same amount of gas to Azerbaijan. Recently, the Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Industry of Iran told reporters that Pakistan , Afghanistan and Oman are ready to buy gas from Iran.

In addition, the executive director of the National Iranian Gas Company said that Turkey wants to increase the import of Iranian gas, and experts from both sides are considering extending the current gas contract.

You can also read about this on the Business Turkmenistan website.

student of state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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