The new members of Friends Neutrality group

Our neutral state of Turkmenistan takes several initiatives in the United Nations General Assembly to ensure security, peace and sustainable development in the field of international relations. Three more member states joined the Friends of Neutrality group, which was created on the initiative of Turkmenistan: Burkina Faso, Syrian Arab Republic and Uganda.

The Friends of Neutrality Group was established in September 2020 at the initiative of Turkmenistan to further strengthen friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries of the world. Regular meetings held within the framework of this multilateral dialogue are aimed at promoting the principles of neutrality in international relations, strengthening effective cooperation for the sake of ensuring universal peace, security and well-being, and promoting the development of stable political and diplomatic instruments.

The increase in the number of members of the group will strengthen its assistance aimed at strengthening peace, security and mutual trust in the world, based on the principles of neutrality.

student of state energy institute of Turkmenistan.


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