In May 2023, the exhibition “Creative achievements of happy youth” was organized at the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. At this exhibition, we can get acquainted with the work of 2013 graduates students and their contemporaries. Several young artists, such as Ayjemal Chariyeva, Ajap Annamanova, Amanmurad Modiyev, Bayram Bazarov, Begench Berkeliyev, Oguljan Durdiyeva, Rahman Rahmanov, Atda Atdayev, participated at the type of painting, sculpture, graphics and arts and crafts.

Begench Berkeliyev is one of the artists who took part in the creative exhibition “Creative Achievements of Happy Youth” at the type of painting. The talented artist Begench Berkeliyev mainly gravitates in his works towards realism, impressionism, post-impressionism and fauvism. Using various techniques and painting techniques, he creates amazing works based on beautiful colours. Looking at the artist’s works, we can see that his innovative ideas are reflected in portraiture, still life, landscape and everyday life. At this exhibition, Begench Berkeliyev presents several paintings, such as “Between Mulberry Trees”, “Pruned Mulberry Tree”, “Mulberry Tree”, “Uch-yab”, “Ailanthus garden”, “Leyli”, “Enai”, “Spring has come” and “Last days of winter”. These works, which took a worthy place among the creative treasury of the artist’s bright talent, made an impression on the audience and evoked wonderful feelings.

The work of the artist “Ailanthus garden” of 2023 is painted on canvas using the visual means of post-impressionism. When the viewer looks at the work, his first glance falls on the ailanthus garden, and then on the houses that go into the distance. The colouring based on the contrast of cold and warm colours with bright shades distinguishes the works of Begench Berkeliev from others.

Begench Berkeliyev also creates a number of works in the portrait genre. From the portraits of children in the image of a beautiful young girl, depicted in the work “Leyli”, written in an artistic manner of realism, the romantic of nature is revealed. The fact that each part is imbued with love is felt in the work itself as a whole. Leyli’s face, in a white dress, personifying light, nobility and purity, is overflowing with warmth, and this warmth spreads to the entire space of the work. In this work, which has found a worthy place in the artist’s work, the viewer is affected by the tenderness, meekness that are characteristic of girls.

From the beginning of existence, the life of people was based on an inextricable connection with nature. Looking at the works of Begench Berkeliyev, we can see that he explored the relationship between man and nature. Although the series of works by the artist “Mulberry Tree” depicts only mulberry trees of different colours in a decorative form, they are rich in their meaning and content. If you take a closer look at these works, we can feel that the artist reveals through them the spiritual feeling of a person. And the artist knows how to show this through colours and a dynamic image of mulberry trees.

The student at the State Academy
of Arts of Turkmenistan


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