The Indian Bharatanatyam dance group performed in Turkmenistan

On January 25-29, representatives of India’s “Bharatanatyam” dance group visited the country. Their visit to Turkmenistan helped them get to know the ancient dance art of the friendly country. During the visit, representatives of the Indian arts performed at the national musical drama theater named after Magtymguly and at the state drama theater named after Kemine of Mary province.

Bharatanatyam is a dance art that is the oldest of all the classical dance forms of India. Its performance includes music, dance, and drama. This ancient dance art is philosophy in action. It is performed at a low to medium tempo. Now the art of Bharatanatyam is studied all over the world and is performed by both men and women.

The performances of representatives of the Indian Bharatanatyam dance troupe in the country’s theaters were received with interest by the audience. The dance moves performed to the sound of beautiful Indian music were greeted with sustained applause. This is a fitting tribute to the talent and skill of the artists. Also, representatives of the dance troupe performed classical dance performances at the official reception held on the occasion of India’s national holiday, Republic Day.

Thus, the visit of representatives of the “Bharatanatyam” dance group to Turkmenistan clearly showed that great importance is attached to the cultural direction in Turkmen-Indian relations.

Kadyrmyrat Ovezgylyjov,
student of the Faculty of International
Law of the Institute of International Relations 
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan


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