Curling is a new sport in Turkmenistan

A curling section was opened at the Ashgabat Winter Games sports complex. The curling department will operate under the support of the Curling Federation of Turkmenistan. Curling is a team sport in which players move from one to the other to shoot a unique tool across the ice at a specific target. The game requires the development of tactics and teaches teamwork, which is reflected in the development of communication and leadership skills. Teenage girls and boys aged 13 to 17 can enroll in the newly opened curling section and learn the secrets of this game, a new sport for Turkmenistan.

The Curling Federation of Turkmenistan can be reached by phone number: +99364766888.

Kadyrmyrat Ovezgylyjov,
student of the Faculty of International
Law of the Institute of International Relations
 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan


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