“Teacher today … mass to fill the empty halls at boring events”

The speech of Saida Mirziyoyeva about the condition of teachers today, has become a trending topic in the press and social media, reported by daryo.uz.

Saida Mirziyoyeva, was the the special guest of the Awarding Ceremony of the winners of the national “Zakovat” intellectual competition. Saida Mirziyoyeva currently servs as the head of the executive office of the presidential administration for communications and information policy.

She expressed her opinion about the mentors and teachers, which drew attention of the public and the press:

“The teacher today is a servant at the events of the khyakim, a free employee who collects statistics goind door by door, a gardener, a cleaner, a waiter and a cook serving the committes that come to the school, a member of the working groups of the mahalla and social spheres, extra mass filling the halls at boring events, a collector of information from the public about credit and tax debts, an obligatory subscriber to printed publications, a night on-duty person, a school watchman, a person responsible even for trouble in someone’s family and their immoral children.

How about the school, the lessons, and the knowledge of the kids? How can education be carried out in such a situation? You can not even talk about the time that a teacher can allocate about his personal life, family, children.

As our president emphasizes, the solution to all problems is in education. And its pillar is the teacher.

We must build a society in which there is value and the dignity of the teacher will be at the highest. Teachers must think freely, work on themselves, and be fully protected.

We will be able to achieve this only if the whole society is against involving teachers in forced labor, all sorts of additional work. And those who load representatives of this profession with something else besides their main tasks should be held administratively and criminally liable. For this, a corresponding draft law has been developed. And it is expected to be adopted soon.”

Winners of Zakovat were awarded

Brain-ring style “Zakovat” intellectual competition was held among university team between 14-17 December 2022. Universities of winning teams were awarded with attractive prizes.

Hence, first prize winner Karshi State University was awarded with a Modern Library, second prize winner Tashkent Medical Academy was awarded with 100 monobloks and third prize winner Tashkent State Pedagogical University was awarded with 100 laptops.


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