“Smart” city conception – experience in modern technology

Nowadays the construction of new administration center of Ahal province go on with the high pace. “Arkadag” city is applying with the new smart technologies. Latest applications will help to live more comfortable population of “Arkadag” city.

New medical platform will make more easier to take turns citiziens of “Arkadag” city without going to hospital.

Also, in new city “112” call center will proceed and accommodate to people. The call center will receive the calls and report to the appropriate institutions which occupied with gas security, fire security and hospitals.

GPON – Gigabit passive optical network system will provide the high speeded internet in new city which 1gb/s can reach. The system also can make available to show 200 channels in one IP TV.

Duralga – the national online application which shows bus and bus-stops intercity. It will work with GPS system which will be applied to taxies and bus of Arkadag city.

Online lifts center – all the lifts of Arkadag city will be controlled in one center.

E-school – is a platform which make connection between parents, teachers and pupils. Arkadag city will equipped with latest applications which collects books, textbooks, audio and video materials in one platform.


student of D.Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages


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