The ecological educational course attended by 500 experts was recommended to enter the Guinness Records Book

On October 28, a training course on “Organic gardening and its contribution to the environment” was held near the new, modern headquarters of Ahal Velayat, which is under rapid construction. The open-air event was the largest of such events. World Records consultant Aydın Türkguju, who came to our country, also attended the forum, which brought together more than 500 experts from the agricultural sector.

The lecture emphasized the importance of a scientific approach to grape growing and its care. The basics of growing fruit trees were also explained to the participants. In this context, the connecting method of apricot and peach was demonstrated. The experts who completed the training course had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

They went to plant grapes. Thus, the foundation of a vineyard consisting of more than 500 vines of the “black raisin” type was laid. It is planned to propose the event to enter the Guinness Book of Records.


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