Ensuring road safety in the country

Priority issues are related to ensuring security and peace in our independent state, strengthening the material and technical base of the military and law enforcement agencies, and further improving their work. One of the most important of these tasks is measures to ensure road safety in the country at the state level.

Traffic safety on highways is ensured by adapting the conditions of their daily movement to design solutions. Seasonal or daily changes in weather conditions and traffic intensity require the activity of road construction and maintenance services that perform road maintenance and repair. The activities of road construction and maintenance services for the organization of traffic consist of such tasks as:

1) division of traffic flows into traffic lanes depending on the speed and purpose of their movement;

2) installation of appropriate road signs or information means to regulate the speed of movement depending on the conditions on the road section;

3) ensure the correct use of the carriageway of vehicles while driving;

4) timely communication to drivers and other road users of information about the traffic situation, the location of settlements, the route of vehicles.



II Year Student of the Faculty of
International Law of the Institute of
International Relations of the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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