Safety first

Prevention of traffic accidents and ensuring road safety is one of the main tasks of our state. As is known, the Law of Turkmenistan “On Road Safety” is being successfully implemented in the country. Every year from September 1 to September 30, a month called “Road safety – the safety of our life” is held. The activities carried out during this month are aimed at maintaining the welfare of the country, protecting the health of the population, preventing diseases and disabilities caused by injuries caused by non-observance of traffic rules.

Everyday information and prevention of road safety is one of the most important areas of work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, it is no coincidence that this work intensifies in the institutions and educational institutions of the country in the first days of autumn after the summer holidays. Currently, the intensification of road safety measures is aimed at increasing the attention of pedestrians to road safety rules after the summer holidays. Compliance with the rules of the road, as well as the prevention of traffic accidents, are directly dependent on the impeccable observance of the rules of the road by road users. Non-compliance by pedestrians with the established rules and crossing of zones not intended for pedestrians leads to traffic accidents.

Turkmenistan pays attention to the prevention of traffic accidents, the implementation of strict control over the observance of traffic rules by drivers and pedestrians, improving the culture of driving and behavior on the roads, further improving the traffic regulation system, and maintaining the condition of the road at the proper level. Taking into account the increasing traffic in our capital, the issues of organizing relevant activities are solved on the basis of modern means and methods.



III Year Student of the Faculty of
International Law of the Institute of
International Relations of the 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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