Modern methods of teaching: listening skills

”Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”

One of the important speech skills is listening. In the field of language, teaching and learning proficiency has tended to be viewed as the ability of speaking and writing in language in question. Listening and reading skills are in the second position. One reason for this situation might be the demanding characteristic of the listening skill.

What is listening? Listening is one of the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Like reading listening is a receptive skill, as it involves responding to language rather than producing it.

What is listening comprehension? Listening is the process of perceiving and understanding speech from hearing.

In real communication, you have to listen a lot. The task of the teacher is to teach students to understand the sounding speech. We often take importance of listening for granted, and it is the most overlooked skill among other skills. In natural order of learning any language, listening stands at first rank. If a teacher wants to have fluent and productive students, he/she should pay much and necessary attention to teaching listening skill.

The modern effective methods of teaching listening skills include everything from interactive exercise to multimedia resources. Listening skills can best learn or improved through simple and engaging activities that focus more on the learning process instead of the final product. It does not matter you are working with small or large groups of students; you can use any of the following technique to develop your own methods for teaching students how to listen well.


  Serdar HUMMEDOV,

5th year student of the faculty of 
English Languageand Literature of the Magtymguly TSU.


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