My marble city Ashgabat

When we go out of our home, we directly begin to see the nature and beautiful buildings inside of it that was build by human being. Every building’s architecture affects human beings differently. Some beautiful and historical buildings can effect human spread and mind. Buildings that surround us can tell much. There are buildings that are like a poem, or speech, or a story, or like fairytale that makes our heart be happy and for a while be in another world. That’s why it’s important the architectural structure of a buildings in the country. In my humble of opinion, it shows the tradition and civilization of that country, it also shows the intelligence of that country and wells.

A great example for this can be Turkmenistan, if we directly say then it will be the capital Ashgabat. Ashgabat was founded in 1881. Initially the streets of the city was narrow even round. Then they made a great project to rebuild the city. After that the look of the city began to change. The streets became straight and wide. Later, in XIX’s century the city became to be the heart of the international trade. In 1889 the city had 750 houses, 654 outlets, 121shop centers, 2 big hotels and 105 restaurants.

Since that time, every day the city grew up. Now when we look at the city we may see the changes. Even now Ashgabat is well known city whole over the world. The world call this city as a ‘’ City of love’’ or ‘’The of white marble city’’. Now Ashgabat is a city with wide road and white marble buildings in the city center, perfect row of white street lamps, golden monuments of Turkmen horses, piece of Art street lamps, green telephone booth, parks where people can have a rest and the palaces where every child can play in a fresh air, high level restaurants and hotels that amaze whole the countries of earth.

In this article, I would like to name some of the places that amazes all of us. One of them can be Presidential Palace. It’s a Palace with white columns and golden domes. Also one of the places to visit in the capital will be Bagt Kosgi. There are a lot of historical places and new buildings such as for sport, for art, trade centers and many other places in the capital for every field of our life, and we can even write a book while talking about all of them because all of this buildings are the another piece of art that needed to express and talk.



4th year student of the Faculty of International Journalism
of the Institute of International Relations of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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