Turkmenistan airlines will perform a special flight Ashgabat-Istanbul-Turkmenabat on January 14

Tomorrow, January 14, 2022, this year, the Turkmen airline “Turkmen Airlines” plans to launch a special flight on the Ashgabat-Istanbul-Turkmenabat route. This was reported on the official website of Istanbul International Airport (www.istairport.com).

The list of flights on the official website of Istanbul International Airport also includes flights of the airline of Turkmenistan.

In the same list, Turkmen Airlines are planning to operate flight T5 3901 Ashgabat-Istanbul on January 14 this year.

The flight schedule of the international airport also notes that Turkmen Airlines will operate a flight on the Istanbul-Turkmenabat route on the same day.

In general, instead of international flights suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the world, special flights are operated.

Along with Turkmen Airlines, special flights to Turkmenistan are operated by Turkish Airlines and the Russian airline S7.

As we previously reported, Turkish Airlines is preparing to operate its third special flight in 2022.

The Russian airline S7 plans to operate its first special flight on January 14, 2022.


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