The warmest New Year’s Eve in UK’s history

The warmest New Year’s Eve in the UK’s history was experienced as the temperatures reached record levels on December 31st and the first day of the new year, January 1st. The news was reported in world media.

On 1st January, St. James’s Park recorded “the hottest New Year’s day ” with the temperature rising to 16.2 degrees Celsius. Previously, the highest temperature on 1 January was recorded in 1916 in Cornwall, in the south of England, with 15.6 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Office stated that on December 31, the highest New Year’s Eve in history was experienced with the temperature of 15.8 degrees recorded in the Merryfield, Somerset, Nantwich and Cheshire regions of the country.

Jorayev Suleyman

Student of International university
for the humanities and devolopment


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