First in the world: tweeted with the power of thought

A paralyzed person in the USA tweeted through a chip implanted in his brain. The tweet, posted by Philip O-Keefe, a 62-year-old Australian patient with ALS, went down in history as a ‘direct thought tweet’ in the world.

In the first case in the world, Philip O’Keefe shared a post on the Twitter account of Thomas Oxley, CEO of “Synchron” company, which developes the technology, saying “I created this tweet just by thinking it”, while the tweet was sent wirelessly through the chip in O’Keefe’s brain.

After sharing his first tweet saying, “no need keystrokes and voice, i created this tweet just by thinking it” he posted another 7 tweets.

Jorayev Suleyman

Student of International university
for the humanities and devolopment


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