Turkmen pupils won 23 medals at the Olympiads in Iran and Azerbaijan

23 students of secondary schools from Turkmenistan have won awards at the International Online Olympiads in Geometry in Iran (IGO-2021) and in Mathematics and Informatics in Azerbaijan.

Over 100 high school students from Turkmenistan took part in the VIII Iranian International Intellectual Competition. In total, schoolchildren from 57 countries of the world have united on the virtual platform.

The team of Turkmen students under the guidance of teacher Arslan Hojiev was awarded eighteen awards, of which 1 silver and 17 bronze. Schoolchildren from 18 countries took part in the First International Olympiad in Mathematics and Informatics in Baku. In this intellectual competition, the Turkmen team won five medals – 4 silver and 1 bronze.

Jennet Gurbangeldiyeva

Student of International university
for the humanities and devolopment


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