Online seminar on improving the investment climate took place in Turkmenistan

An online seminar on improving the investment climate by developing public-private partnerships (PPPs) was organized by the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat on 16 and 17 December 2021.

Representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, “Turkmennebit” State Concern, the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, and other state agencies and private sector participated in the event.

Two international experts from Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom presented best practices of OSCE participating States in the implementation of the PPP mechanism and improving policy system governing the investment climate for both domestic and foreign investors.

The experts also discussed possible steps to improve the investment climate in Turkmenistan through PPPs. They addressed the issues of attracting investors and financiers to participate in the new markets, and presented a comparative legal analysis of the concept of PPPs in Central Asian countries.

Referring to the 2017 OSCE Ministerial Council Vienna Decision on Promoting Economic Participation, Rune Castberg, Officer-in-Charge of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat said: “Promoting PPPs will contribute to any country`s economic development as these partnerships are a great tool for enabling governments to finance infrastructure investment projects. Successful PPPs — with satisfied investors, improved infrastructure and a deal based on transparency, fairness and sound financial management — attracts other investors.”

He also added that in full accordance with its mandate, the OSCE sees the promotion of a positive investment climate as an important priority for its work in the economic field.


Source: Centre of OSCE in Ashgabat.



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