A different language is a different vision of life

Learning a language does not just require remembering long lists of word, phrases, terms, studying tricky grammatical structures. Though it is about all these things too! It involves getting absorbed in another culture, and catching a new way of looking at the world incorporated with a new way of speaking. 

Speaking another language helps you move extreme your own world. It endows you to travel like a local, rather than as just a tourist.

Speaking another language is great for your social life—better friendships can advance when you are capable of speaking  to someone in their own language and understand the world through their eyes. And it helps you build a sense of awareness—of yourself, and of others.

Speaking another language expand your job opportunities and gives you an advantage over monolingual English-speakers in business, international relations, politics and much more. 

It also helps you become better at problem-solving, more insightful, better able to deal with abstract ideas, better at multi-tasking, more empathetic and more creative and artistic. Language learning is great for your brain and if you keep speaking and learning languages the advantages carry on throughout your life.

Also in our country there are adapting new reforms into the national education sector, using best world practices. Following these, the President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution approving the Concept of improving the teaching of foreign languages, as well as a plan of actions for its implementation.

The document was signed in order to bring the quality of education in line with international standards, enrich the content and improve the methods of learning foreign languages. 

At the first stage, in 2018, it is planned to master the world experience in the field of methodological support, improvement of state standards, relevant curricula and training programs.

In the second stage, in 2019-2020, the system of training and retraining of teachers, the educational and methodological base in this area will be improved, and monitoring will be launched to control the effectiveness of the implementation of this Concept.

At the third stage, in 2021-2024, it is planned to create a continuous, consistent and interrelated system of teaching foreign languages.

All this requires the occurrence of new methods of tuition , the training of exceedingly qualified teaching staff.

III Year Student of the Faculty of International Journalism
of the Institute of International Relations of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan


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