Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan

The national pride of the Turkmen people is Neutrality. Our Motherland  has turned into a coordinating center between East and West with its geopolitical location and the policy of Neutrality and peace. «Neutrality of Turkmenistan is an precious value for us. It is an integral part of our lives and our main goal. Neutrality provides a peaceful and prosperous life for the Turkmen people», said our dear Arkadag. Under the leadership of our esteemed President, our state, Turkmenistan has managed to become the most reliable partner in the world community with the policy of Neutrality which committed to its own political principles. Our country has been declared the first Neutral state to be recognized by the United Nations. This historic event is the first official step in the political history of the world and in international relations, which has opened new horizons in international diplomacy. Turkmenistan is located in an important geopolitical space, which chosen political principles are in the interest of not only the country, but also the entire region and the people of the world with its great initiatives in recent year.

Every day of our Neutral Turkmenistan is nurtured by great progress and change in prudent and policy of our Hero Arkadag, who has declared the prosperous period of our sovereign state. Neutrality is another great foundation we have achieved since our Independence and this year 26th anniversary of our Neutrality will be celebrated with great happiness thanks to our esteemed President. Twenty-six years ago, a remarkable event in the history of Turkmen people was written with golden letters. Our Motherland has acquired a permanent status of Neutrality by the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on December 12, 1995. Turkmenistan has assumed a number of commitments since gaining a Permanent Neutrality. Neutrality is one of the key factors in ensuring regional stability through the preservation and adjustment of geopolitical and national interests, and the establishments of progressive dialogue between the countries. Because Neutrality itself is a great event that has given us peace and tranquility. The Permanent Neutrality status is recognized by the United Nations, which is currently playing an important role in ensuring security and sustainable political development in the Central Asia region. For the first time in 1995 our dear Motherland received the status of Permanent Neutrality with the support of 185 states. The story is written in golden letters in history. Turkmenistan is developing multifaceted international relations by adhering to the principles of Neutrality. An example of this is that on December 10, 2007 was opened the United Nations Regional Centre For Preventive Diplomacy For Central Asia. The opening of this Special Political illission  will once again raise the international prestige of our dear Motherland as a conciliatory center on the Asia continent. In additional, our Neutral Motherland was elected a member of  Science and Technology Commission for 2014-2016 at the UN Economic and Social Development, and a member of the Society for Social Development for 2014-2016. Our dear people  have a neutral peaceful life today. 

International Neutrality Day is celebrated on December 12 every year as a national and International  holiday, which forms the core of foreign policy in our ever-evolving and developing our Motherland. This is the future of the Turkmen people which is bright  under the leadership of our Arkadag.

     May the domestic and foreign policies of our Hero Arkadag be implemented with success and prosperity in the future.

Senemgul ALLAKOVA,  

The 1st year student of the Institute of International Relations
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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