The swift steps of our Eternal Neutral Homeland

              December 12, 1995 was forever engraved in the memory of our people as a memorable date in the history of our beloved Motherland, and as a result of the unanimous support of 185 member states on the basis of a special resolution “Permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan”. The UN General Assembly was awarded a degree in international law. It was after this historic date that our country went a long way towards friendly relations with the countries of the world. The fact that our country’s initiatives based on the principle of neutrality have received great support is the recognition by the international community of our foreign policy orientation based on goodwill and peace. As our hero Arkadag emphasizes, today Turkmenistan is a prestigious and respected state in the world, and this is the most important part of regional stability and security.

            Today is the day when the Turkmen bird sat on the Turkmen people and dreamed of our great thinker, wise father Makhtumguly: “If you cook food in one pot, the fate of the Turkmen will rise”. Indeed, the fate of our people was facilitated, our independent, invariably neutral Turkmenistan was recognized throughout the world, and the world shone like a new brotherly Sun on the basis of its principles of peace and friendship.

              In his book “Music of Peace, Friendship, Brotherhood”, one of his great books, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the Law on the Positive Neutrality of our state reflects the historical memory, psychology, national consciousness formed for thousands of people. years. Openness and kindness, hospitality and respect for other peoples are manifested not only in respect for the culture and traditions of neighboring peoples, but also in their pride in their achievements in science and the world of art.

                In this book too, if you want to find answers to some of the most difficult questions and problems posed by our Hero Arkadag, you should look at the history and spiritual aspect of the life of our society, and the problem is that our people established peace in our life by force art. Based on this, referring to the image of Shukur Bakhshi, he declares that the literary character in him is closer to life, that he is a representative of parliament, a negotiator and a diplomat. He stresses the importance of winning and achieving the goal not by force, but by peaceful means. In this book, the President noted that both during the times of our ancestors and during the times of the great Oguz Turkmen state, diplomatic methods were used on the basis of such peaceful means.

           Preparations for the celebration of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan are in full swing in the year proclaimed “2021 – the International Year of Peace and Confidence.” In addition, a number of measures are being taken in our country to recognize the foreign policy pursued on the basis of our eternal neutrality, and to further strengthen the position of our country in international relations. Today, important areas of the Sustainable Development Goals are included in the Program of Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2019-2025. These proud events are a recognition of the foreign policy of Turkmenistan, supported by the international community.

          Our dear Motherland, which is a place of neutrality and peace, has brought Turkmenistan to such a high level and is implementing important programs aimed at bringing it to the level of the developed countries of the world. May our dear Motherland continue to be blessed with great prosperity!


Student Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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