What is digital journalism?

In the past few years, digitalization has changed everything. From buying clothes to food, people prefer doing everything online. Digitalization has not only affected our shopping experiences but also has a significant impact on journalism. 

People generally enjoy their morning tea while reading a newspaper. Now the morning tea is majorly enjoyed scrolling through the smartphone. This concludes that with the development of 3G/4G, traditional journalism is slowly fading away and making way for digital journalism. Journalism is a collection, processing, and distribution of information related to the news to an audience.

Modern journalists need a few indispensable tools to get the job done. Computers: Computers with internet access allow journalists to write and file stories and run professional audio, video, and text editing software from global locations.

Today, most of the audiences do not spend their time reading newspapers, watching television, or listening to the radio, as it was the case for the whole of the last century. To the younger generations, the use of social media has changed their perspective on newspapers.

Today, people can access information via a variety of news channels. For instance, with the new media platform, which s the internet, one can access several media platforms at the same time through zapping.

Digital journalism decreases the authority of the traditional newsroom. Everything in the digital world is so fast that a new story in the morning may become old by the afternoon. The pressure to continually keep up with the pace of changing online trends reduces the power of an editor.    The decision of the author is not to be undermined, but digital journalism is more popular as it is based on skills other than just writing. A person great creating engaging content, keeping in mind the viral trends and writing a good story out of it, can be more useful than just a writer.


Enejan Mammedova,

student of Faculty of International Journalism of
the Institute of International Relations of 
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.


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