Principles of good governance and sustainable economic development are promoted in Turkmenistan

Effective good governance in preventing and combatting corruption to promote economic efficiency and favourable business investment climate was the focus of an OSCE-organized online seminar held on 14 and 15 October 2021.

Participants were representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Economyof Turkmenistan, law enforcement bodies, the Mejlis (lower chamber) of the Milli Gengesh (parliament) of Turkmenistan, financial institutions and other relevant agencies.

International experts from Latvia and Ukraine presented OSCE participating States’ best practices in promoting good governance principles, ensuring transparency, integrity and accountability in the public sector, which supports sustainable and effective economic development.

Participants discussed the investment policy of states and explored the roots of corruption based on World Bank research. Special emphasis was placed on measures to prevent corruption, including mechanisms to receive and respond to information on corruption cases in state institutions.

“Corruption is a key threat to good governance, democratic processes, economic stability and fair business practices”, said John MacGregor, Head of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat.

He stressed that effective national anti-corruption work requires further development of institutional and legislative mechanisms, and consistent improvement of human and organizational potential.

“The OSCE and its respective structures and field missions, are undertaking consistent work to facilitate further political dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and best practices from across the OSCE region, on countering corruption threats”, added MacGregor. Participants examined the impact of corruption on the economic growth and development of entrepreneurship. Emergence of e-corruption and the role of digitalization in anti-corruption work were also addressed.


Source: Centre of OSCE in Ashgabat.


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